There is a ritual in Mexico, and in San Luis Potosi in particular. When comes the week-end, you take your breakfast outside ! Needless to say that there is plenty of restaurants opening really early, but one of my favorite is Diepan.

We are talking of a more than 25 years old company with two restaurants and one bakery in our beautiful city. How do you recognize the quality of the place? It is packed of hungry people every single Sunday!

So what can you eat there? Mexican food like molletes, tostados, huevos rancheros (scrambled eggs), mediterranean dishes like stuffed pita bread and salted yogurt…  It is well know for having a large choice of fresh juices too.

Poached eggs almost Benedict style and salad. For onces, you’ll be happy to have veggies at 9 am.

   To tell you the truth, we order the same meal each time we go there. My husband’s favorite is the chilaquiles. It is toasted tortillas cooked with fresh tomato sauce, cream or egg or chicken,  and sometimes all at the same time. Ask the none spicy version if you can’t stand chilly.

The famous chilaquiles

Mine will be the casoleta de huevos, or eggs in a saucepan, and it’s really delicious. It is served with salted yogurt, cucumber, tomatoes and bread.

Casoleta de huevos

If you have a baby, they can make you the easiest eggs of your choosing. No weird sauce, no spices, just egg. And frijoles (beans) of course. You will be quickly served which is a plus when eating with kids.


Diepan Sierra Leona: breakfast and bakery

Sierra Leona No. 376

Diepan Cuauhtemoc: breakfast and bakery

Cuauhtemoc No. 131

Diepan Amado Nervo: bakery

Amado Nervo No.540


Buen provecho 😉