There is so much going on in the city right now. Especially cultural events. One of them is the Quebeccine film festival, which started yesterday.

For the first time in San Luis.

We already had the chance to see the German and the French film festivals in our city. But after three years in Mexico city, it’s the first time, and we hope not the last, we will enjoy the Canadian one in SLP.

Cineteca Alameda.

The event takes place in one of the city’s jewell. It was built in 1941 and still looks impressive, especially the inside. With its theater like features, you will have the impression to go see a play.

The originality is the structure of the theater, with an Italian Renaissance style. It´s the scenery of a city street, with cute buildings.

Montreal, White City.

The first motion picture shown was Montréal la blanche, blanche meaning white, for the color of the city of Montreal on Christmas night. Like any author movie, be a little bit prepared. It is about immigration, integration, hard memories and hope. But the tone is not as dark as it seems. You will mainly smile during the hour and a half it lasts.

The cost is really low. 40 pesos the ticket. No excuse to miss it 😉


Website of the event:

From the 1st to the 10th of March, 2017

Cineteca Alameda

Av. Universidad 575 ,