There are many restaurants in SLP, but very few with a standard of quality this high. Welcome to Nawa, a great (if not the greatest) place to dine.

Located above the Villa Danieli School of Gastronomy, the restaurant is like an hidden jewel, hard to find. After trying some doors, we found a lovely lady that brought us to an elevator. For the moment, nothing fancy. With my husband, we shared a look, asking ourselves where were we going. Few floors later, another lovely lady took us to the beautiful main room, and we knew this will be a good night.

The place is certainly a feast to the eyes. It has a beat of an industrial vibe with a romantic twist. Perfect for a date.

The people were really nice too. We were all speaking spanish but they were able to translate to us in english some obscur special culinary vocabulary. And they knew about their wine too, which can seem pretty normal to some but I assure you it is not the case in many restaurants.

My advice? Start with the fois gras´raviolis, then try the slow cooked beef and finish with a beautiful chocolate desert. The bill will be spicy, but your loved ones will be pretty pleased.


Carretera Guadalajara #1155, 3rd floor

Colonia Lomas del Tecnológico

Opening hours:

Tuesday to Saturday from 1pm to 2 am

Sunday from 1 pm to 6 pm

Phone number: +52.444.835.49.92


Book a table if you are planning a visit on Friday or Saturday.