How to spend your Tuesday night? At the ballet my dear.

I go a lot to the movie theatre but sometimes a change is good and as I missed one representation of Swan lake few weeks ago, I had to go to this new one.

Buy a ticket

I went to the website Ticketmania to buy two tickets with my credit card. The site is in Spanish but it was easy to use until I put my card number and try to complete the payment. I still don´t know why it was rejected. So I looked for another way, that didn´t involved going directly to the theater because it is too complicated to park for me.

So, when you cannot use the Internet, there are some specials terminals in the city where you can buy the tickets. I went to Mr Sayonara, a Japanese restaurant in San Luis and I was not well received. The waitress used the terminal for me because it was capricious but it is the only good point of this experience. And weirdly, a ticket costed 50 pesos more then on the website. I had no choice I guess.

Before the ballet

We escaped our house at 7 pm to park on Reforma, in an “expansive” (more than 10 pesos the hour) but safe parking. It was really early so we went to grab a beer at the Oruga, on the Universidad street.

The service is always nice, the food is good and the drinks are great. Just try the mojito and you´ll know! We ate a guacamole which as creamy and tasty. Now we are good to go.

El Teatro de la Paz

We arrived at the theater, a bit drunk from just one glass, and entered the beautiful building. There was a huge altarat the center for the Día de los Muertos,  a Mexican tradicional festivity.

In the hall were many art pieces. It was explained that in the past, the artists were able to pay their taxes with a painting or a sculpture. So now the city have enough to make an art gallery !

As we entered the main room to sit, we saw babies with their parents. The all families are here to enjoy culture, which is great but I cannot imagine my 2 years old son sitting for more than 2 hours.

The show is about to begin but people are still coming in. Let´s try to focus on the representation.

The scene was small but once the curtain opened, it was well decorated. But what struke me was the costumes. They were amazing! But then they danced and it was incredible. My husband was impressed too by the flexibility of the male dancers, and he is hard to impress.

They were 3 parts: Swan lake, The sleeping beauty and The nutcracker. I didn´t understand the stories but it was beautiful and it was all that mattered that night.



Mr Sayonara

Venustiano Carranza #2325-B

Colonia Jardín

Teatro de la Paz

Calle Villerias 205,

Centro Historico

Agenda cultural San Luis Potosí